Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pinewood Derby

At our church for a ward (our congregation is split into sections based on geography that makes up wards) activity we had a Pinewood Derby instead of it being traditionally for the cub scouts. Anyone who wanted to could participate. We had young and old, male and female all make cars and it was a lot of fun!!

Carter above is explaining how he wants a Batmobile car while Dad wanted a Jimmer mobile. Guess who won? Below is a video of the "too cool" boys talking about their car they are going to make.

In the middle stages.

The end product on the big night.

They did a great job.

Carter was pretty excited to have his car there and to race it.

But I think what he loved most of all was being with all the big boys. They would count before each one, "One, Two, Three GO!!" and Carter was REALLY into it. He would get his I'm too cool, serious look and count down every time. The boy with the visor on standing behind Carter is a boy that Carter worships. His name is Jaime and Carter is VERY aware of all of Jaime's favorite things and all his friends, etc. He tells us all the time, Jaime likes this or Jaime likes that. I asked him the other day if he knew who this other big kid was and Carter answered, "Oh yes, he is friends with Jaime."

The Batmobile going down the track. And Yes, I think ours might have been the slowest one down the track. Oops. Well, the boys made it look really good and they learned some new stuff for next time.

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