Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Abigail Bonnie Nielsen's Baby Blessing

Abigail Bonnie Nielsen

Blessed April 15, 2012 by her Father Matthew Dean Nielsen

Back in April, when we were out in Utah visiting my family we decided to bless our little girl Abigail in my Brother Chris's home.  Chris and his wife Kari are the sweetest and warmest couple.  I love them very much and they have created a beautiful home but more importantly a beautiful family. Chris was kind enough to take all these picture to document this special day.

This picture is of the four generations of ladies. My Grandma Yvonne, my Mom Karen, myself, and little Abbie.

Four generations on my Dad's side: my Grandma Ione, my Dad Craig, myself and little Abigail.

 Our Family that I love!!

 Four Generations of Yvonnes and it's all middle names though Grandma goes by Yvonne: Grandma Darlene Yvonne, Karen Yvonne, Amber Yvonne and Hayden Yvonne.  I kinda hope Hayden carries on the tradition, but she gets to make that choice.

 The lovely ladies on Matt's side Aunt Whitney and Grandma Bonnie - Abbie's namesake.

Now we add in our handsome men and we are about complete except Grandpa Jay. Whitney's new husband Ryan and my hubba hubby Matt.

Our precious angel Abigail.

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Sarah Keith said...

She is soooo beautiful Amber, just like her Mama! Miss you in the burgh!! Love you! Congrats on being a mom of 3!