Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Flashback to February

Yes we are CLEAR BACK to February!!  I will get this blog caught up.

Matt and I came home from a date and saw our sleeping beauties and I couldn't help but take a picture of how beautiful they are!!

At Carter's preschool they did a donut with Dad's time and Matt took the morning off of work to go. He said how awesome it was and how much his love grew even more for Carter.

 My two girls - side by side.

Hayden looks like she is going to eat her face! Abbie is so cute that sometimes you just want to eat her up.

One of my favorite pics of her!

I love this little out fit she has own.  The shirt was given as a baby shower gift, it says, "Miss November" because I was so hopeful that even though I was due in December, I would have Abbie in November.  Abigail cooperated and she came in November. The skirt and headband is from my friend Heidi.  Her cute girls wore those adorable little things and Heidi was sweet enough to pass them down to us.

This was us all ready to go to Matt's Dr. Prom.  Whoo Whoo!!

Carter being the good big brother that he is!! I think he is singing the song to one of his favorite IPAD games "Dragonvale." Abbie checkin herself out:

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