Friday, October 26, 2012

BYU Vs Notre Dame

 October 20th was the day of the big BYU vs Notre Dame football game.  Matt and I for the last year had been off and on about going.  We wanted to go big time, but you know me the eternal cheap skate had a hard time swallowing the price tag amongst all the other things we were doing with our $. But as usual, Matt wins and once these friends said they were going (see picture below) I figured I better relax and build some memories.

 These are our friends Dave and Jada. Hayden is in love with Jada and talks to her on her "cell phone"  and pretends to be her, too.  So we left on a Friday morning and drove up to Chicago.  Our apple maps kept leading us astray adding 2 hours of total wandering to our short trip - dang it!! It was also pouring down rain and we were soaking when we went out on the town that night - we still had smiles though.

 Finally we made it to this famous Chicago style pizza restaurant waited an hour to sit and then another 30 min for our pizza and then...

 we got this delicious thing.  It was cheese central!! 

 On Saturday we drove over to South Bend, IN to check out Notre Dame's campus and watch the game.

 The campus and old buildings were impressive and beautiful.

 I found it interesting that there was no jumbo tron to watch replays on.  They just had two scoreboards and that was it.  I guess they truly stick to old tradition! You can see "touchdown Jesus" behind the score board.

 One of the great things about being a BYU fan is that fans are everywhere and they show up to every game in huge numbers.  There was a sea of blue at this game cheering on their Cougs. I love the BYU pride.

 While we were gone, Ryan and Whitney stayed with the kids. Whitney sent me this picture and it about broke my heart.  Carter lost his first tooth while we were gone. He told Whitney that he wanted "a bunch of dollars from the tooth fairy. Like 50 or 20."  He got two, sorry we don't want the tooth fairy going broke!!

On the way home this poor pregnant woman had to experience something I have had to put up with for 10 years - Matt's gas.  It is violent and ruthless.  My complaints have finally been validated!!

Overall we had a great time - I just wish we would have had more time. We definitely need to get up to Chicago again!! Anyone want to join us?


Kira said...

that pizza looks seriously and touch down jesus is awesome!!!!!

Scott, Kara, Paul, Brad and Andee said...

What fans! And what a trooper your friend in the car was!

Alissa said...

amber, we should totally meet up in chicago some time! maybe in the spring when the weather is a little better... plus, we'd love to see you guys!

Joe Lowry Jr said...

Yes to Chitown.

Team Lawter said...

Next time we will go with you to Chicago :)