Saturday, November 24, 2012

Abigail Turned 1!!

 Abbie is finally a number as her older siblings would say!! On Thanksgiving our precious little Abigail Bonnie turned 1 years old!

 I tried to get a family picture before we opened presents.  You can see from the strained look on my face it was not an easy experience.

 Aunt Whitney got Abbie these cute balloons that she loved to play with.

 We thought it would be fitting since her Birthday was on Thanksgiving to have her Birthday cake be Grandma Bonnie's famous Pumpkin Cake Roll.

 She loved it and devoured it!!

 These monkeys would not be satisfied until I took a picture including them.

 Carter insisted that he get his finger #1 in there.

 Abbie seemed intent to not smile or be happy during her Birthday celebration ~ Abbie has two modes: happy and content (sometimes with a little silly goofiness) or just plain ornery. So I was so glad when we got her out of her ornery funk to get a few smiles out of her.

 She can see from her empty plate, the mess all over her and that smile on her face that she really liked that cake roll.

 There's my big girl walking.  It isn't quite her main mode of transportation yet but everyday she is getting better and more confident at her walking.
 She was looking so big to me in Grandma's basement playing so independently with all the toys.vf

 Another looking big moment climbing up on the chair all on her own.

 This was a portion of our Thanksgiving Day - we watched the movie Brave. I loved sitting by my 2 bigger kids and snuggling the whole time. Plus, it was a great movie.

 This was before all the other festivities began - Abigail opened her presents.  She got a ballapoolza from us and a bouncy little bike and cute outfit from Grandma Bonnie and Grandpa Jay.

 The whole crew surrounding her trying to get her to smile or take a picture with her and her candle.

Here are two videos:

The first is of Abbie eating her cake.

 This second one is of Jay being an awesome Grandpa:

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