Sunday, October 21, 2007

Pumpkin Patchin it in KC

It's so embarrassing to have to pose with my mother all the time. Geez.

Carter with his Aunt Whitney.

I could not get Carter to sit still for a picture for the life of me so these are random take what I could get pictures. He is at the "I have to get my hands on everything and then put it in my mouth" stage. No wonder he had the runs for a week a little bit ago. Hopefully I'll have better luck at the next pumpkin patch.

Grandma Bon and Aunt Whit with Little C.
(Matt's mom and lil sis)


Becky Thalgott said...

You know how much I love pumpkin patch pics...these are DARLING! Carter is looking so big! I just love him in all those punkins!

Karin, Dave, and baby Evan said...

Pictures at pumpkin patches are so adorable! I need to get some. So cute!
Karin :)