Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cabin Fever

Our last weekend before coming home was spent with my mother's extended family doing our annual cabin/snowmobiling trip. This post is dedicated to pictures and video showing the fun we had with cousins, snow, rocks, and air mattresses.

This is my cousin's little boy who is six months older than Carter. They had a good time together. Especially just sitting on this step.

Matt had a bet with the "U" fans in my family that whoever won the Big Game the other fans had to wear "proudly" the gear from the winning team. And of course the Cougs won so Matt and I got to happily see the Utes in their BYU apparel. I am quite saddened that we only got a picture of Brad in his hat and not the rest, but we have to give a shout out to Jen who wore her "Y" gear the longest. Can't wait to see you guys all dressed up again next year!

This is my sister Nicole with two of our neices. All beautiful girls.

This is my younger brother Timmy with Matt in some snow tunnels my brothers dug out. These two never stop goofing around together and I love it!!!

Carter has discovered a love for brushing his teeth and was so proud to be brushing with Grandpa Craig.

The cabin has a rock pit that kept Carter entertained for hours. I'm thinking of ditching all our toys and digging a ditch in the basement and filling it with rocks. Or purhaps just keeping an air mattress blown up at all times.

Here is the portion showing our winter fun:


Dan & Jen said...

Cute videos. I'm glad that you guys are feeling better. I'm sorry that the trip ended in such a terrible way. Syd loves watching the videos on your blog. Love you guys. Give Carter a kiss from us.

Becky T said...

FUN!!! It makes me excited to head to Idaho this weekend. Looks like Carter was having a great time with all those other kids!

Nicole said...

You got great pictures and videos from the cabin!! i love looking at your blog! I miss you guys sooo much allready and wish you just lived here!!!
love ya, Nickii :D

mm said...

Digging a ditch in your basement and filling it with rocks.....

Didn't you just pay some guys a butt load of money to do that FOR you? Maybe you should have had them leave your french drains "open"?