Saturday, January 12, 2008

New Year's Day

For New Year's Day it is a family tradition on my mom's side to go sledding and then get together afterwards for soup and games. Here are some pictures of our fun:

Carter with Grandpa Craig.

Carter sledding with Uncle Timmy, who by the way Carter adores. Our second day at my parent's house after Timmy left to school Carter was down banging on his bedroom door wanting to play.

Carter sporting pink boots. I couldn't find boots that fit Carter so my sister who has all girls lent us her girl's boots. But I think Carter is firm enough in his masculinity to wear them. :)

Taking a snack break from all the fun.


Hillary said...

He is getting so big! I love the pink boots. They are a nice fit with the tool snow hat that Carter is wearing. Looks like so much fun!

Iowa Newmans said...

We found your comments on our blog so have to comment back. We miss you guys. We would loved to have paint your faces at the big game this year too! We're learning more how to run the blog so hopefully we'll catch up. We're bringing some med students over to teach us how! We love you guys! Good luck in all you do! GO COUGS!

mm said...

So I guess we'd better start having fun around here so you'll actually want to come back.

Does it help to know that the ridiculous new stop sign on Hawthorne is gone? I don't know if it was the city or some stalwart citizen, but it's gone. On both sides of the street!

Scott, Kara, and Paul said...

Love the pictures! It was so fun seeing you and Carter! We need to get together before you go back home!

Becky T said...

I am loooving the pink boots! It's hilarious! Tyler may be sporting some of his cousin's strawberry shortcake boots when we go to Idaho in a couple weeks since I certainly don't own a pair for him in Louisiana!! Looks like the sledding trip was a ball. Makes me excited to head West!