Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Herzog Family Comes for a Visit

June 17-25 2008

Matt, Carter, and I were so very delighted to have my family come into town for a week. It was a whirlwind trip filled with fun. We toured some posh neighborhoods in Pittsburgh, ate at our favorite treat establishment Ritas, went to our ward, had a big birthday bash BBQ in our backyard with fam and friends, took a boat tour on the three rivers, walked through our gorgeous Allegheny Cemetery, went to Niagara Falls, Palmyra, Gettysburg, and Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater all in eight days. Pretty impressive huh? That's my mom for ya, she loves to pack it all in and we have fun tagging along. If you ever want to see a place to it's fullest just bring my mom along and let her plan the trip. More than the sites, we loved just being with them and having them build a stronger relationship with Carter. Carter is an extremely blessed child to have such amazing family on both sides that love him so much. I thought I would post a few highlight pictures from their visit...

Big Timmay and Carter sharing Snuggles and Laughs.

The Family in front of Niagara Falls.
(Dad, Nicole, Timmy)

In Gettysburg on top of Little Round Top.

Mom was trying to sneak out of the pictures.

Our Family of green.

As you can see Carter is at that age where he loves to take pictures (wink, wink). For my birthday I made it quite clear to Matt that all I wanted was a birthday cake with candles and Matt came through for me!! Way to go Matt, he made my favorite cake from scratch - Crazy Chocolate Cake. It tasted fantastic. Also, thanks to my Mom for making a ton of her signature Terriaki Chicken for my big Birthday BBQ Bash.

This is Fallingwater - one of Frank Lloyd Wright's most famous houses that he designed.

As you can see these two boys have quite a love for each other!

Grandpa Craig is the cutest, sweetest man. I love my Dad!! You can see in this picture he is such an awesome grandpa.

Thanks family for making all those sacrifices to come out and visit us. We appreciate it so much!!! We can't describe how wonderful it feels to have our loved ones in our world. We love you!!


Anna-Lisa said...

Sound like fun. Your mom and I have very similar vacations styles. We should go on one together. Pat likes to relax on vacations and I like to be out the door around 7:30! Otherwise, you might miss something really neat!

Becky T said...

HOW FUN!!! Isn't it fun to show people around your neck of the woods? I love it! And you guys have a wealth of amazing places to visit right at your fingertips. I think that is fabulous and would make a trip that direction so much fun! Glad to see some pics of your family!