Friday, November 28, 2008

Finally My Halloween Post

Better late than never...right?

I have a whole bunch of catch up to be doing on my blogging for pretty much all of October, but first I must get this Halloween post done. I couldn't get any great shots of Carter in his costume. He is just at that age where sitting still is not possible.

Dad had to work on Halloween night, so Carter and I headed out to go pick up our buddy Oliver.

I couldn't believe how long the boys went trick or treating. We stayed on our street the whole time but I think we were gone a little over an hour. A man at the top of our block put some HUGE speakers out on his porch and pumped Halloween music. It made trick or treating that much more fun and the boys LOVED it!!!!

This video is hard to see because it was dark but it gives you the idea...

Once we got home, Daddy was able to steal away from the hospital and came to check out Carter's stash and to see how the night went.

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Dan and Jen said...

Cute pictures and videos. We loved them, like always. I especially loved the video of the boys dancing. I'm glad that you guys had fun trick-or-treating, even though Matt wasn't there. I can't wait to see more October pictures. How did your Thanksgiving feast turn out?