Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Super-Duper Saturday!

November 8, 2008
Saturday's seem to be just a magical day (that's what the goal is anyway) and this Saturday certainly fell into that category. It started with Carter finding mine and Matt's ice cream bowls from the night before that had just enough sticky stuff still in it that when Carter decided to wear them as hats they actually stayed on his head. Then it was time to bake Matt's new favorite thing Black Bottom Banana Bars/ Muffins so that they would be ready to go as soon as Matt woke up. And as always, Carter LOVES to help with the clean up. He does such a good job it usually ends up that Mom gets the floor beneath him all wet and clean too!

As you can see, Carter enjoyed the Black Bottom part of our muffins.

Then of course it's off to every little kids favorite Saturday morning activity: Cartoons! Carter loves to sing especially to some of his favorite shows.

And then there is the important job of helping with the mission:

Next it's off to helping Dad out in the backyard cleaning up leaves and planting bulbs for the Spring.

This is hard work!!

When it got a little chilly outside, Carter came in to help me with some Oatmeal Chocolate Cookies I was making for a Lantern Walk we were doing with some neighbors at their family farm to symbolize the changing of the seasons.
Par for the course, I forgot to take the "after" pictures, but let me tell you they were DELICIOUS!! Thanks Heather for the great recipe.

Once nap and a BYU victory was accomplished we were off to the Lantern Walk full of buddies and dogs.
Carter enjoyed carrying around his own Thomas Lantern (eat your heart out Tyler T) and true to himself couldn't handle following in a nice neat row and was constantly challenging Celeste for the leader roll. Overall, it was a totally new and different experience and a great ending to a fabulous day.

P.S. To those who have patiently waited to see pictures of Carter in his Halloween costume (Aunt Whit) I promise they will be in the next post. Also, I tried doing the videos using blogger so you could see them Whitney but it just wasn't working out so I reverted back to my default, sorry.


Dan and Jen said...

Looks like Carter is a big helper. We have found that when Sydney helps, it usually takes us longer to complete our task but is totally worth it. I love watching Carter sing to Little Einsteins. That is a favorite at our house. In fact, Syd is watching "Rocket Soup" as I type.

Becky T said...

Whoa! A Thomas lantern?? You've gotta be kiddin' me! :) Looks like such a fun Saturday and I think I'll take a few of your cookies, please. I love Carter helping clean up, it sounds so much like Tyler at that age!

Whit said...

haha, thanks for trying :)

chelseareeve said...

Hello, my name is Chelsea Reeve, I grew up in Matt's stake. I got your blog from Brianne Johnsen. What a cute family you have. Your little boy is so cute. I love the blogging world, because it's fun to just see where everyone ended up. I LOVE PA. I drove through it on my way to New York and I fell in love with it. It is a beautiful state full of rolling hills of trees...absolutley beautiful. Please tell Matt I said hello. It looks like you guys are doing GREAT!

Jeremiah and Rebecca Morgan said...

Hi Nielsens! I discovered Whitney's blog the other day which led me to a whole new world of bloggers that I can keep up with and read about. Great blog. Can't wait to keep in touch this way!