Sunday, November 7, 2010

Here's Some of What we were up to in October...

More family get togethers. We set aside at least two Sunday dinners for each other (2nd and 4th Sundays of the month). Then a few extra dinners usually get squeezed in there here and there.

The boys did a boys night out to the Royal's game early on in the month. As you can see, Carter has a thing for his Grandpa and has since he was an infant.

And Hayden just keeps on being adorable month after month. This particular day Carter decided he was going to try feeding her for the first time:

We are getting a temple here (and it's just 5 minutes away from where we live!!). We are so super excited!! In our church, The Church of Jesus Christ, of Latter Day Saints, temples are extremely important and sacred buildings and it is an unbelievable blessing to have one so close. We can't wait to have the opportunity to serve and work in this temple. This particular day (above) was the ground breaking for the church building that will be built right next to the temple. Matt and Carter took a turn turning the dirt.

Here we are standing on the ground where the church building will be, but you can see the elevator shaft behind us that will be a part of the temple. I think this will be a cool picture to look back on in years to come to think that we were here as the temple was being built.

Carter and our next door buddies. These three kiddos next to Carter are all apart of the same family and they are the cutest kids. We love having them around and feel so blessed that we moved onto a street with such great kids.

Grandpa Craig came for his yearly October visit. My Dad is a pharmacist and he is over pharmacy and technology (sorry Dad I know I am not getting this right) so he comes out every year for a conference. We are so glad that we will now live here so we get to see him every year on his hospital's dime no less. Next year just bring Grandma along Dad!!

We also had Great Grandma B and Great Grandpa B come out for a visit as well. Carter thinks his grandparents are the beezneez. He asks at least a couple times a week if his great grandparents are coming back yet?

Then Carter had his Fall Festival. Since he belongs to a religious preschool i guess they don't celebrate Halloween so we had a Fall (no costumes) party. The kids had a great time and went from station to station doing different activities and getting toys and some candy.

I was over the parachute activity.

Their cute goody bag they made. Carter makes the CUTEST crafts and art projects @ his school. He also now knows how to write his name.

We also took a trip to the zoo. They have a big cage full of lorikeets and I think they were attracted to my green fleece because they were all over me, I even had the poop to prove it. :)

Carter got in on the action.

And of course a trip to the zoo wouldn't be complete with out the train ride, and at our zoo the train ride is a necessity since things are spread out so much.

I love watching these two together, they are best buddies.

Gotta love feeding the deer.

When Matt and I lived just north of here while Matt was going to school, it was tradition during football season when we would come down for the weekend to go to the local high school football game on Friday night. So we decided to get the kids on to the tradition. Here Hayden is at her first game. I laughed because as soon as we showed up Grandma about jumped out of her seat and over Grandpa to get her hands on Hayden. I guess Grandma thinks Hayden is better entertainment than a football game.

She got plum tuckered out being so cute at the game.

She has also started to get the idea of the Jumperoo this month and loves it!!:

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Gladys said...

It is so fun to catch up with you all and see how you guys are doing. Looks like you have been having LOTS of fun. I can't believe how big the kids are getting. Time is going by too quickly!