Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pre School Thanksgiving Feast

November 22, 2010
Carter had his preschool's Thanksgiving Feast on Monday. I was so excited to go and see Carter all dressed up and get some great pictures of him. As you can see neither of those things happened. Of course, Carter was the ONLY kid of ALL the classes that would not dress up. No matter the occasion, Carter will be Carter. :)

But we did get two cute songs from Carter's class and several other songs from the other classes. Below is one of Carter's songs. You can't really hear it, but you get the idea:

These were the cute table decorations that were on the table when we got there. I have always been impressed with the many cute art projects they do.

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McAffee said...

Totally out of nowhere the other day Linus declared, "I miss Carter!!"
So tell him his buddy misses him and that we are proud of him doing so good in school.