Saturday, May 28, 2011

Last Day of Preschool

On Carter's last day of preschool he had an awards ceremony and then a short program. Carter received the "Biggest Helper" award along with a certificate of a year of preschool completion.

It was very sweet to see his teacher, Ms. Noelle, present him his award. With each student she had come up she would present the award and tell about why that child received that award and what is special about that student. Carter has had his ups and downs this year in preschool having to do with his strong will and few other things. He definitely hasn't been the easiest kid in the class. But Ms. Noelle has worked so hard at making it a good experience for Carter and helping him work through things. As she talked about Carter, it was so touching to me to see her get emotional and to see the love she has for my child. I am so grateful to her for her time and care that she gave to my child. You can see her talk about Carter in the video below. And if the video is shaking, it's because I was totally crying during it. Carter has overcome so much this past year!

The first day of preschool, Carter started making this book at school. This is a picture of him on his first day of school (so funny that he is wearing the exact same shirt on the last day of school, another little girl had her exact outfit on, too). I didn't realize that he still had so much of his baby fat left in his cheeks. He looks so cute and so much younger than he does now. It's crazy because I thought he looked so grown up then. I think he looks so grown up now, and in a year I will probably look back at pictures and think about how young he looks. He's my oldest, but he will always be my baby, too.

These are his two sweet teachers: Ms. Noelle and Ms. Tracey.

At Carter's preschool he not only has his regular class, but he also has Spanish class and music class. For their short end of the year program, his class sang several songs in Spanish and then they sang several songs from their music class. I am posting a video of his class singing Carter's favorite song. At first, Carter is a little more timid, but he starts getting into it towards the end.

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