Saturday, June 4, 2011

Finishing up May

So we finished up our soccer season - let's just say it was a learning experience. The picture above was our team. They all are Carter's friends either from church or from the neighborhood.

Our awesome coach and neighbor Chad helping Carter learn how to be a "goalie" though we didn't have technical goalie that could use their hands, but we did have a kid in the back playing defense.

This was a common scene on the field. Carter is orally fixated and chomps on his shirts like crazy even during a soccer game.

Once again, Carter got a hold of the camera one morning and snapped some pics:

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Whit said...

Those pictures Carter took are HILARIOUS! I was laughing out loud. Thanks for sharing. I love all his facial expressions and especially Hayden's. She looks like such a big girl. And YES, I LOVE the food here. I haven't come across anything I don't like. Bad for my waistline but yummy in my tummy.