Thursday, May 5, 2011

March Madness

I know that we are well past March, but as a common thing on this blog I usually go back and recap months to get in all the things I may have missed on my other blogs. (Plus I am missing my USB cord to hook my camera to my computer so while I am waiting to find that I might as well get caught up.)

We started off the month by going to an indoor community pool with Grandma, Carter, Hayden, Dade, Aunt Meagan and of course myself though I am starting to realize you would never know I was a part of any of these activities because I am always behind the camera. I should probably change this. Someday i might forget what I looked like at this time of my life and maybe I'd want to remember, who knows?

Carter's beautiful preschool artwork. I am sure you can tell, this was a highly themed Valentine's time.

Usually Hayden is a fairly tidy eater, but this time she apparently wanted to get down and dirty.

We had BYU March Madness at our house. We were proud of our Cougs for getting as far as they did (Sweet Sixteen).

A regular activity for us is chillin at Grandma's with our buddy Dade. You can see in the corner my Gospel Doctrine manual underneath my scriptures. This was shortly after I was called to be the Gospel Doctrine teacher in our ward. I teach every week. I NEVER thought this would be a calling I'd get. It was right up there with scariest/hardest calling in the church. And at first I really felt that way. But through Heavenly Father's help, I have become more comfortable and am starting to enjoy the learning and growing that comes with that calling.

I feel truly blessed to have ended up on the street we ended up on. We are surrounded by the cutest kids that I admire. Here our little neighbor boy is taking Hayden for a ride. Man, it was hard not to see in to the future with this one and see little Hayden going off in the car with her first date.

Here's Carter the storm trooper, driving probably not so safely on a buddy's "fourwheeler."

This was at a Birthday party for a boy from preschool at Chucke Cheeses. I thought this picture was hilarious to look at each facial expression.

Hayden: Yipee, the bike trailer!! Carter: This girl is crazy!!

I made my mom's super yummy baked potato soup and thought it looked so pretty i should take a picture.

For a Family Home Evening we made some spring flowers. It was Grandma karen's Birthday and we wanted to send her some, plus take some around to some pretty special ladies around here, too.

One morning, i gave Hayden a couple blackberries, some fruit loops and a banana to eat for breakfast. I was going to run up to take a quick shower while she was strapped in. i told Carter if she started to fuss give her some more fruit loops. I came down after showering, Carter had given her the whole container of blackberries that she has smashed everywhere. You can't tell too well by the picture, but she and the chair were stained purple.

Below are some videos from March as well:

Carter has always loved his music:

The other day I was watching videos of Carter when he was little. It was so fun and crazy to remember him when he was so young: his sounds he made, his mannerisms, his pudginess. When i watched this video back of Hayden I could just imagine the future nostalgia:

Same idea behind this video and plus Carter trying to sing to his sister and hearing Hayden's laugh brings me so much happiness:


Dan and Jen said...

We LOVE the videos! Dan and I were watching them. It's so fun to see Hayden and Carter and their cute personalities. Love you guys. Happy Mother's Day tomorrow.

Gladys said...

We love seeing your adorable family on your blog. Thank you for sharing the videos!!