Thursday, April 21, 2011

Preschool Egg Hunt

Yesterday, was Carter's Preschool Egg Hunt - or should I say it was the running of the bulls. Kids were running around like crazy! But with the amount of kids there were I was quite surprised by the calmness of it. They each knew they were to get only 20 and none of them whined or complained about it. (Sometimes I wish I had teacher status with my child, if his teacher says something it's law - no whining, no questioning.)

They made these Easter Bunny baskets that are just melt my heart ADORABLE!! And holding on to the milk carton handle made them really sturdy for the kids to run around with.

You can just picture: On your marks, get set, go!!!

Carter came and conquered!

Right on! As he likes to say these days.

Carter's class.

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Anna-Lisa said...

Oh Amber - teacher status disappears at about age 11, then they whine and complain to us too! By the way - those Easter baskets are AWESOME! Carter did a good job.