Wednesday, June 15, 2011

First Boat Trip of the Season

After many tries, we finally got out on the boat for the first time this season. Since it was still early June the water wasn't bath water yet and I have been turned into somewhat of a wimp when it comes to lake water so I didn't get in. But Matt and the kids had a great time.

That is Hayden out on the "tube." She really liked it. She would smile and laugh and wave at us.

Hayden has mixed emotions on the boat. She likes it at times and screams her head off at other times. We may not be doing as much boating this season as we did the last.

Dade and Meg - Meagan is due is August and looking super cute.

This boy always loves the boat and was ready to hit the water and water sports right away.

While Dad was out wakeboarding, Hayden just stood there the whole time waving at him.

Hayden just loves music and dances whenever she hears it, even if it's from a commercial.

This is Hayden right after getting back in from the boat after being on the tube:


Scott, Kara, Paul, Brad and Andee said...

So cute! Glad you got out there, but I am with you on the colder water!

McAffee said...

Cannot handle the cuteness.