Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Weekend with Hayden

This last weekend, the boys (Matt and Carter) went up North with Matt's Mom and Dad to see his brother Cory run a half marathon. Since Hayden doesn't love the car and I'm not feeling the best, we decided that Hayden and I would stay and have a girl's weekend. It was really quite fun.

To start off, I reached up on the top shelf to get my container full of oatmeal down for my breakfast and the lid wasn't on super tight and it spilled over and went EVERYWHERE!! Hayden loved it! I think she thought I made the mess just for her. She went in there right away and started playing with it like it was a pile of sand. After a bit I tried to clean it up and it was not an easy task cause with every bit of sweeping I would do, Hayden would get in there and mess it up. Plus, the oatmeal was everywhere, in every nook and cranny. After I finished sweeping, I got the vacum out the get every last piece I could.

On Sunday, something remarkable happened! After several attempts to french braid Hayden's hair, I FINALLY succeeded!! It didn't turn out exactly how I wanted, but it was braided and that's all that mattered! I was so proud of us. And yes, we use many tactics to do her hair: in this photo it's the unplugged phone charger and water, mostly it's toothbrushes, sometimes hair brushes.

Saturday evening, I got the hose out to water our flowers. After I watered a section, I turned my back to water another part and didn't see Hayden get to the mud and try it out. I don't think she liked it because when I looked back at her she had mud all down her chin and all over her hands. I put the hose down to run over and get her to gently rinse her off with the hose, but she got to it before i did and right away starting soaking herself and drinking out of it. It was too funny, so I couldn't stop her I had to just watch and laugh.

Earlier in the day, we headed off to Costco. She was such a good girl! She really was great the whole time. I think she knew that she had me all to herself. We laughed a good deal of the weekend. She is just such a funny girl.

She also had to show off her Team Uncle Cory t-shirt she was wearing! We may not have been up there see him run his race, but we were supporting him back at home.

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Whit said...

Sounds like such a fun weekend! I love all these pictures, she cracks me up! Love ya and see ya soon!