Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Texas vs BYU Game

For over a year now, Matt and I have been planning this trip down to Austin, TX for the BYU vs Texas game. We met up with our friends Joe and Lacy. Joe and Matt have been very close friends since Freshman yr at BYU and our families have vacationed together often since.

Wrestling the long horn.

We ate lots of YUMMY local food. My favorite being the Tex Mex. This was the first dish Matt ate and it was incredible!! It was BBQ fried and grilled pork tacos. OH YUM! Sadly, I didn't remember to take pictures of the other great food we had, but I think eating was my favorite part of the trip! :)

We went to a free botanical garden. Sadly, this was the ONLY green part of Austin. They were under a drought advisory and so no one was allowed to water and everything was DEAD and BROWN!!

I know this is not a good picture, but one thing we did that is very popular in Austin is to go to this bridge (S. Congress bridge) and watch the 1.5 million bats swirling around underneath it. We couldn't get a picture of the bats because it was too dark.

We took a tour of the capital which was a very pretty building.

What the inside of the dome looked like.

Other things we did that we didn't get pictures of was tour a museum about TX, walk S. Congress and look at all the cool, eclectic shops they had, work out, and just hang out with our buddies.

That really tall structure in the background, that's the TX stadium. IT WAS HUGE!


We lucked out as we got up close to the stadium, we saw a big crowd of BYU fans gathering so we gathered, too. Next thing we knew, the team pulled up in their buses and we got to see them all get out. It was really fun to be there and helped add to the excitement we had building for the game.

Jake Heaps
Here we are up close.
Here we are way up high in our seats. We were against the very back wall, the highest you can get in the whole stadium. It was a little scary up there, I was scared to lean too far forward.

Our back wall, at least it acted as a back rest. :)

Texas has lots of cool traditions and were really great fans. They were very nice and cordial with us and we had a fun time watching the game surrounded by them.

We were sad to have lost, but had a great time being there. Next years plan is Notre Dame (that is if I can make Matt stick to our original plan of him taking me before the boys enticed him to do a mancation to the Notre Dame game).

And a big THANK YOU to my wonderful in-laws who took the kids for the weekend. They were so sweet to do that and I didn't need to worry about the kids for one second because I knew they were in good hands.


Lowdogg said...

Lacy has me nearly convinced that she should come to the ND game, so you may not be alone.

Thanks for taking the time to make the trip with us. It was great to see you.

Anna-Lisa said...

Amber - It still amazes me that you have become such a big BYU fan! Good for you!