Sunday, November 13, 2011

Carter's First Stitches

We had a traumatic beginning to our day this morning. Carter was trying to climb up one of the bar stools at the counter with legos in his hand. He slipped and fell and hit his face on the edge of the stool and his teeth went right through.

I automatically assumed we were headed to Urgent Care (which is much cheaper for us than ER but still $75) when Matt said, why would I ever go pay for one of those guys to do it when i could do a way better job? Well, ok then. I of course was worried about scarring our child with the pain that we were about to inflict, but no matter what I knew it was not going to be a pleasant experience.

So Matt numbed him up with two shots, this was the worst part!! Matt put Carter's head in between his legs with his legs over Carter's arms while I laid myself over the rest of his body and kept his head still. Carter was screaming and saying the saddest things. I turned my head, I couldn't watch, and cried the whole time. Hayden was worried for her brother so she was crying too. Once Carter's lip was huge and numb, Dad sewed him up while I held the IPad in a place where he could watch something while Dad stitched. It was pretty intense, but Dad did one heck of a job. I learned through all of this that I could never be a dr or a nurse. Carter is all about showing off his stitches now and I think he thinks their pretty cool stuff. He had to go show them off to all his neighbor buddies this afternoon. Boys will be boys!

But the sweetest thing of the day was when Grandma and Grandpa were leaving this evening, Carter told them, "My Dad can fix anything." Yes honey, you keep believing that.

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Scott, Kara, Paul, Brad and Andee said...

It's almost worse on the parents. Paul had to see a urologist when he was 2 1/2 and we had to hold him down it's awful!