Monday, November 7, 2011

Our Day on Bedrest and Leaves

Yesterday it felt like the whole family was on bedrest with me. We had a lazy Sunday around the house. The kids were so fun to watch in the morning. They played dogs for almost an hour. It was amazing to watch them get along, not fight, and even help out each other when they fell into "the pit of snakes."

Then around 4:00 that afternoon, Matt asked if I'd be able to handle sitting in the car because he felt we all needed to get out of the house and get a breather. I had remembered that Carter had begged about two weeks earlier to make a pile of leaves and jump in them. We don't have enough trees at our house to make leaves to do that, but we knew of a local park that had tons of HUGE trees filled wtih leaves. So we hopped in the car with the rake and headed out.

This was the most perfect place to go and play in the leaves. It literally took about 2 minutes to make a HUGE pile of leaves because there were so many! The kids were in leaf heaven.

When Matt and I got married, my Aunt Valerie told me once that even though she thought I was pretty she really hoped that we would have a child that looked just like Matt especially with his big, chocolate brown eyes. I agreed! And this picture clearly shows those beautiful, big, chocolate brown eyes.

Matt getting his rake on.

You'd think I'd look more rested after being on bedrest for two weeks, but man I just look worn out.

Carter also decided to help out and rake up the leaves.

Wow, doesn't she look so big?!

Boys and sticks go hand in hand.

Yes, that's right I am 35 1/2 weeks pregnant at this point. I know I am not very big for how far along I am, but man this black jacket really does have a slimming down affect. It's also nice have a son photographer so that Matt and I can actually be in the same picture together. He is such a great Dad and helped to make this evening so fun!

Below I have a bunch of videos of our time in the leaves. I know there's a lot, but it was such a magical and needed time for our little family that I wanted to be able to remember this evening for a long time to come.

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