Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hayden's 2nd Birthday

December 22, 2011

I can't believe Hayden is already 2 years old!! Though life is crazy in December, I am always so excited to celebrate the birth of my children along with the birth of our Savior! It makes it all more real to me. So the night before Hayden's birthday, we swapped out Carter's boy Birthday banner for Hayden's pink one.

She was thrilled to recieve a baby doll and another Baby Signing Time video (so was Mom and Dad since we could say the other two we had in our sleep). She also got big girl undies since she has been begging me to go on the potty. I just need to get myself geared up for it. I think Abbie is just about old enough and Hayden has gotten used to her enough that we are about to start the dreaded potty training time.

For Hayden's Birthday activity we went to a local bouncey house place and played with Carter, Aunt Whitney and the favorite, the soon to be Uncle Ryan.

That night we had Grandma Bonnie and Grandpa Jay come with their gifts, Kurt and his family, and our close friends the Russells for cake and ice cream.

Hayden got an adorable outfit and some baby accessories from Grandma and Grandpa.

Here's Hayden with some of our awesome buddies!

Below is Hayden's latest journal entry about turning 2.

Dear Hayden,

My sweet baby girl, I can’t believe that you just turned 2!! You have gotten so big and the older you get the more beautiful you become. I keep thinking you are as beautiful as you could be but you just keep getting prettier. On Christmas morning I put you in your Christmas dress Santa gave you and your Daddy burst into tears, you literally took our breath away. What a little charmer you are!

You have such a multi-dimensional personality. At times you are a little snuggle bug. The other day you sat on your Grandpa Jays lap and watched a movie with him snuggling almost the whole time. He was in love. You also like to snuggle up and read books especially with your favorite pink and brown polk-a-dot blankie.

You can also be quite the spunky spitfire! If we tell you something you don’t want to hear, in your own language, but with all the right inflections, you will give us a royal chewing out with all the sassy body language to go with it! It’s quite difficult not to break into laughter at these times. You also take after your Momma when she was a little girl by throwing some pretty incredible fits. If you are upset or frustrated, you throw yourself down on the ground and start kicking away with your legs and crying/screaming all that you have in you. You hold your own with big brother Carter and cousin Dade in your battles. You don’t ever stand down and fight for your “right” in anything you think ought to be your “right.”

One thing you did not get from me is your love of all things girl. You love dressing up in high heels, walking around with a purse, and talking on your cell phone. In fact, that is your favorite pass time. You get your purse, your keys (you insist that they be real keys), and your cell phone (and often times a baby is in your arms as well) and you walk around the house chatting on your cell phone and saying to anyone you pass, “Bye. Night, Night.” And we must reply back to you or else a fit will for sure happen. It is so fun to hear you have your conversations on your cell phone. You can go on and on and there is usually a funny almost Valley Girl laughter that is inserted through out many of your conversations. Another girly thing you are very much into are shoes. The word “shoe” is one of your first words you ever said. You loved to try on any shoe that was hanging around. The last time we went to Target to get you a new pair of shoes, you tried on just about every pair of shoes you could no matter the size.

But you aren’t all girl. You enjoy playing with Carter’s Batman toys. In fact, you call Batman, “man.” You like to fly him around in his spaceship, or ride him in his motorcycle. You also love it when it’s wrestle time with Daddy and Carter. You are also a big fan of playing football with them, too. And you have got a pretty awesome arm on you. Dad’s pretty proud of that. And you make the most fierce growl that I’ve ever heard from boy or girl. Plus, who could resist your adorable horse laugh that you do that takes that girly edge off as well? When you get laughing it makes everyone else around you laugh because it is so contagious.

Other things that you love right now are The Lion King, Baby Signing Time videos, and playing with your kitchen or Grandma’s kitchen and holding and rocking your dolls. With your kitchen, you love to put things in cupboards, shut the door, open the door, take out the item and then put it into another cupboard. And then you do this all over again. It’s rather adorable to watch you do this over and over again. You also love to read books. You enjoy books with animals in them. I love hearing your animal sounds, they are sooo cute!! My favorite is your long, drawn out “meow.” Speaking of words, you are now putting two words together. Like when you want Dad to throw you up in the air you say, “want high.” You are quite the Daddy’s little girl. You love Daddy. You want to cuddle with him, you run yelling “Daddy” to the garage door every night when he comes home from work. You definitely have a hold on his heart.

I have to mention, too, how cute you are with your baby sister Abbie. You are excited when she wakes up and run up to her yelling, “Abbie” (it sounds so cute to hear you say her name). You get up in her face and in a high pitched voice full of enthusiasm you say, “Hi Abbie” over and over again. You are aware of all her toys and blankets (mostly because you like to play with them). You even like to help me change her diaper and wipe her bottom with wipes. One time, you were helping me wipe her bottom when she squirted pooh out right as your hand went behind her bum and you got baby pooh all over your hand. You were a good sport and I just wiped it off for you. I think that you will continue to be a good big sister and help take of the ones that are littler than you.

Hayden, I love you so much and am so grateful that you came into our family. We have a lot to learn from you. You are a sweet, sensitive girl. But at the same time, you can give us a run for our money. I will always cherish and love you. Thanks to the love of our Savior who loves you even more than I, we can know that we can be together forever. Always stay close to Him, know that it is through Him that you find real, eternal joy. I love you my little girl. Thank you for the joy that you bring into my life and into my heart.

Your Momma

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Whit said...

This was the sweetest little letter...it made me laugh, it made me cry...she is going to love reading these down the road. Awesome idea, Amb!