Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Christmas Eve 2012

 This is Carter and Hayden the Sunday before church. These outfits were not their Christmas Sunday clothes since they weren't getting those till Christmas morning - but they just looked so nice and ready for the Holiday that I needed to include it. 

 This was the year I have been waiting for, for a really long time!!!  This was the year we would finally put on The Nativity. All growing up with my cousins on my Mom's side every Christmas Eve we would act out the Nativity.  I have been patiently waiting till the year would come till we would have enough participants to do our own.  

 And it went off without a hitch - yeah right!! There is our Hayden ( I mean Mary) passed out on the floor in her princess dress for who knows why - oh yeah because she is Hayden. Carter was quite good at playing Joseph and was smooth and steady the whole time. He even took over the nuturing of Baby Jesus since Mary seemed a little inept at the time.

 Though the lamb (lamb burrito as my family always teases - wrapped in sheep skin) was MIA half the time, Mary was in and out of consciousness and the Angel... there was something about the angel... the imperfectness made it perfect. It filled up my longings of childhood and my desire to give my children what I once had being so far from home. Here are two videos of our nativity:



 So let's rewind for a moment... Before the nativity took place we did some of our Nielsen Christmas Eve traditions - Bonnie selected someone in need (a lady Gma and the grandkids do MoW's for) and we took her a blanket and sang carols. Then we had the traditional Chinese Food feast.  Next we did the Nativity and then sang some carols.

 Angel Elway looking so cute chatting it up on the phone.

 Then it is the beloved Christmas Eve present exchange.

 Mary turned all shepherd on us.

 My handsome boy growing all up on us - he just turned 6!!

 The What up? look.

 Dade is a superhero costume collector.  We gave him this power ranger costume. He has quite the moves.

 Grandma made all the grandkid's pajama pants this year. We tried for several minutes to get a good picture here is a video showing what we dealt with.

 Hayden got a Fisher Price Princess castle and it did not disappoint!

Carter with all of his Lego's.

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Whit said...

We should have the kiddos re-enact the picture with them in their jammies in like 10 years or so. CLASSIC!! Love them all.