Tuesday, February 26, 2013


 Here in our city we recently got a Legoland. As most of you know who read this (my maybe 2 readers) Carter is obsessed with Legos. We have wanted to take him for a while but the tickets are pretty pricey and we have heard since it is a smaller scale one it was not worth the price. 

 Well, a friend of mine who home schools told me that Legoland was having a home school week where admission was half price - that was the deal for me and since I do teach my kids at home all the time I thought I home school!! So we took advantage of the deal.

 Often Matt's surgeries on Wednesday afternoon end around 3 or so, so I went to Carter's school and surprised him by taking him out early and telling him we were going to Legoland.

 He was stoked!!
 They have two rides at our Legoland. The first one you shoot the bad guys and it keeps score of each player. Dad won each time.  Boo!! But I love to see the kids' faces and how intense they were - especially our little princess Hayden. She may be all girl, but that doesn't stop her from liking to kill a bad guy or two.

 This was the wizard ride. You go around in a circle and pedal to go up and down.

 Abigail is obsessed with Dogs!!  Or "Da" as she says it.

 They have several building stations. This was a big block station that the girls really enjoyed

This was my favorite part of Legoland. Out of Legos they built most of the really awesome buildings and structures of our city.  It was awesome!!!

 The Chiefs Stadium.

 Night time

 The Plaza
They had a girly section too where Carter built the largest ice cream ever!!

Matt even had a little Party in the USA with the Karaoke.  Rock on Matt:


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Scott, Kara, Paul, Brad and Andee said...

Looks fun and not crowded. Love Hayden's concentration, what a cutie!