Thursday, February 21, 2013

Christmas 2012

 It's always fun on Christmas Eve to finally set out all the presents once the kids are all nestled in their beds. In our family, we put out some of the presents Matt and I got the kids under the tree early, but most of the presents and obviously all of Santa's presents don't get under the tree until Christmas Eve when Santa comes.  That way it will seem like a really big deal when the kids come down in the morning.

Here is a video of the kids coming down in the morning:

 I love watching the kids get super excited about opening their presents. 
 Abbie has her classic pensive look on her face.  She has had this expression since she was a newborn.

 Hayden had the theme of Princess for her Christmas.

 We had my Mom's traditional Christmas Morning brunch of Sausage Soufle. It was delicious!

 One of Carter's Lego figures. He loves to put these things together and prides himself on doing them all by himself.

 And once again, the pictures are slightly out of order.

 Hayden was quite thrilled about her Barbie house. Mom was quite thrilled that one of her friends daughters had grown out of this and we were able to receive it from them.

 A picture after the craziness of opening all the presents.

 Carter's stash. This year we tried to keep it simple since all the kids received a trampoline for Christmas.  We didn't get it set up because it was too freezing.  But we have since set it up and it has been the perfect gift!!! We have loved it!! Carter has LOVED his electric blanket - funny kid.

 Hayden's stash - The princess castle is from Grandma Bonnie and the princess barbies are from Aunt Whitney.

The Abster just chillin in from of her stash thinking - what's the big deal anyway?!?

Matt got a shotgun for Christmas and Mom got a sweet Camera. So all is well, all is happy, and we feel truly blessed to live at this time when we are able to have the fulness of the gospel and blessings from our Savior Jesus Christ.

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Scott, Kara, Paul, Brad and Andee said...

Love it! That Barbie house is awesome, remember how we played Barbie at your house?