Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Birthday Carter!!

For Carter's birthday celebration we had some friend's over that evening once all the dad's got home from work for some cake and opening presents. The Childs, McAffees, and the Hixs came. Because we were leaving the next day to go home I wanted to keep things pretty simple because there was already a lot on our plate. I am really glad I did because it wasn't too overwhelming for anyone. Carter was in little boy heaven with his big kid friends over playing with him and his toys. He was especially delighted to have his good buddy Carter Child there. "Big" Carter is almost exactly a year older than "little" Carter but the two of them play so cute together. "Little" Carter (these nicknames are funny because the two of them weigh about the same and at one point "little" Carter weighed more than "big" Carter) but anyway, "little" Carter tries to act like he's the same age as "big" Carter and the other big boys and I love watching him try to keep up.

This is our Carter, Carter Child, and in the top part of the picture is Linus McAffee by his dad's knee Richie McAffee (long time friend of my oldest brother Chris.)

Here we are singing Happy Birthday to our boy:

I love how when the bigger boys are laughing you hear Carter try to make a similar noise because he wants to be just like the big boys.

Carter was not sure about eating the cupcake. He is used to me giving him bite-size pieces of food and was a little overwhelmed by this mass of cake in front of him. He did like the frosting, though.

After I broke apart the cupcake, you can see Carter went to town on it. Yum, Yum!


mm said...

Just to add to the caption of that first Carter and Carter picture- that Linus kid in the background looks like death because he has two black eyes from when his mother dropped him on his face onto a tile floor.
Carry on...

Happy Birthday Carter!!!!

Becky T said...

OK, the two Carters you have told me about seriously are so cute together! And you can tell that Little Carter, at the little old age of one, looks up to Big Carter SO much! They are the cutest. Happy Birthday, Little Carter!