Saturday, December 22, 2007

More Birthday Celebrations!

Now that we are in Kansas City, Matt's hometown, there is more Carter celebrating to do. My parents sent a package here and Matt's parents had some birthday gifts for the little man too. This post is mainly for them (ie my parents because they were not here to see Carter open his gifts).

Here is Carter opening his present:

Thanks Mom & Dad I think it is pretty obvious that Carter loves his books. I will also get a Science Center/ Children's Museum pass with the rest of his present, that's a huge thanks from the both of us!

Carter's thinking that he needs another place to store these pull outs.

Carter is about to open the presents from his Aunt Whit. They are good pals as you can see. Also, this picture deserves a shout out to his buddy Tyler Thalgott for the awesome John Deere cell that "the Nielsen boy" is holding.

"I Still Live with my Parents."

Thanks Aunt Whit for the awesome T-shirt and soccer ball and Grandpa Jay and Grandma Bon for the Choo Choo.

Here are some fun videos that I thought I would plug in here:

Watch out Uncle Timmy here comes your competition. We tossed Carter his soccer ball thinking he would just start pushing it around with his hands like he does with all the rest of his balls, but instead he went right up to it and started dribbling.

Carter's favorite activity to do at Gma and Gpa Nielsen's house is to climb the stairs. Here is his favorite spot:


Becky T said...

Yay, Nielsen Boy! Tyler was so excited to see Nielsen Boy playing with that phone. (although Tyler then had to check and make sure his was still here and we hadn't given his away!). Nothing beats an ongoing birthday celebration and getting spoiled by the grandparents!

Lowdogg said...

Awesome videos. I love the way he dribbles that ball. Such a cute kid.

Hope you guys had a Merry Christmas!

Karin, Dave, and baby Evan said...

I bet that this Christmas was a little more exciting for Carter than last year, now that he knows a little more about what's going on :) He's such a cutie! I hope you're having a great break. Happy New Year!!!