Thursday, December 13, 2007

OOLALA ! Videos of Carter!

I was going through some of the short videos I took of Carter in November and thought I should post them especially for the grandmothers so hopefully I can get it to work!!

Here is Carter doing some more of that walking thing. Carter still prefers crawling since it is still a more reliable and faster way to get around and Carter definitely has a need for speed.


This was the night that we were setting up our tree and Christmas decorations. Carter had a whole new world open up to him since he has never seen this stuff before. We've already had two casualties and of course he chose the messiest things he could find: snowglobes (including the one displayed in this video, sorry Grandma Yvonne). And in case any of you ever wondered what the liquid was in side of those things, I don't know exactly what it is but I can tell you it is defintely not water the smell was too foul.

This next video is a frequent occurance in our household. Matt and Carter love to play together and Matt always gets good laughs out of Carter.

And now time for my favorite video of the post. One of Carter's favorite things is to pull all the things out of the toy basket just to play with none of it.

This post is brought to you by Joseph Edward Lowry II for showing me how to post YouTube videos on my blog. THANKS JOE!!


nicole said...

Thanks Amber! I love watching your cute video's. I still need to figure out how to do that:) He is adorable!

Jen said...

Hey guys-
Those videos were great. Dan and I especially like the last one. He is so cute. We can't wait to see you guys!!

Jeff and Alison said...

SOOO cute! The last two videos were my fav. I can't wait until Jack is runnin' all over the place (okay, I can). Isn't it amazing what adults do to get a kid laughing!! Matt cracked me up :)

Becky T said...

Yay for videos on your blog!! I love it. That last one is totally funny and Matt playing with Carter is so cute. We do some seriously crazy things to get these little buggers to laugh, eh? Too cute!