Monday, April 11, 2011

Carter's First Soccer Game

Saturday April 9th was Carter's first soccer game!! I have dreamed of the day to finally be the spectator for my own child's sporting events. And the day has come... Carter is involved in a great league that gives the children plenty of organized training on Wed nights. Then Saturday a parent volunteer is the coach for the games.
Our neighbor and friend, Chad, is the coach for our team. Chad cracks us up. He is a true athlete and takes sports very seriously. He is perfect for our little team that is made up of mostly our neighborhood buddies. In the afternoon when we are all out front playing it is not uncommon for Chad to be out there trying to talk strategy to our 4 year old players.

Carter got a warning from the Ref at his very first game - he was side tackling too much! Wow, he is so much like his Mother sometimes it's scary!!

Hayden's favorite part were the oranges at half time!

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