Monday, April 11, 2011

Matt had a Birthday Shout Hooray!!

Matt turned 32 yesterday!! We are getting "older" together, though I think overall we are still feeling like Spring Chickens. It's hard to believe that I have spent the last 9 Birthdays with him!
For Matt's Birthday on Saturday Matt's folks took us and Matt's brother and wife to lunch at our new favorite BBQ joint Oklahoma Joes. It's in a gas station of all places, but that's just how it is here where we live. If it's not in a dive it's no good. The crazy thing is, it took my Dad who travels here on business once a year to introduce us locals to it. We were set on Arthur Bryants before (which is still delish), but have found that we think Okie Joes is superior. After lunch we wanted to go shoot some guns at a local range, but by the time we made it they were closing in 20 minutes so we decided to just go relieve the babysitter instead. That evening, we went over to Jay and Bonnie's and roasted some yummy marshmallows and ate some delectable smores!! YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY!!
Yesterday (Sunday), we had our good friends from the ward over, Matt's family, and our new friend Matt who just moved into town and is a friend of a friend. We had my Mom's famous Teriyaki Chicken, rice, fruit and a veggie tray - all very delicious. But Matt's very favorite thing is now that we live by his Mother he gets her ice cream cake roll once again!! Last year, he had to buy his own Birthday cake roll from Baskin Robbins while I sat in the car with screaming kids - poor guy. This year was much better! The day seemed so nice - it was perfect just for him. The weather was nice, we were surrounded by friends and family and we had awesome food!! The biggest thing I regret is that I didn't get a picture of all of us there!! I'm pretty mad at myself for that. But I did get a picture of Matt and Carter and I'll throw in a video of Hayden playing outback yesterday just to document what she looked like when Daddy turned 32! You are a fantastic husband, spouse, friend, son, brother, doctor, and Young Mens leader. You wear so many hats and some how seem to balance it all. Thanks for all your love and support!! Hugs & Kisses!!!


Becky T said...

Matt Nielsen--Young Mens Leader for Life, it sounds like!! :) Happy belated birthday. We miss you!!!

Whit said...

Happy Birfday Matty Moo!! Hayden is quite the walker now! Woot woot!