Monday, April 18, 2011

Preschool Firestation Fieldtrip

Last Wednesday, April 13th, Carter's preschool went on a fieldtrip to a Firestation just a few blocks away from his school. Hayden and I decided to come along. Here we are walking to the station. His teacher Ms. Noelle is leading the way.

Here's the crew with Fire Chief Walker.

The huge pliers are the jaws of life. It was quite funny because as soon as Chief Walker opened this comparment a little boy yelled out, Those are the Jaws of Life!! I was quite impressed that a little boy would know so much. He must have been really into rescue vehicles. Also, I was impressed by the size of those bad boys.

Carter coming out of the Ambulance they toured. What a sweet boy he can be. This particular day he was so lovey dovey. He kept giving kisses to me and Hayden and even a few to his shocked classmates.

And here is his whole class. What cuties.

He kept wanting me to take pictures of him so here he is in front of a replica of the Liberty Bell.


Kira said...

have you ever seen the jaws of life in action??? I have and WOW ... those things are crazy! They literally RIPPED the whole top of the car off.

Gladys said...

What a FUN field trip for those adorable kiddos! Loved talking to you the other day and I am happy you all are doing well. :)