Thursday, February 23, 2012

Happy Valentine's 2012

This dress Hayden got for Christmas, but it looked like a perfect one for Valentine's Day as well (the Sunday before Valentine's). Whenever she wears this dress, she takes my breath away!

Matt all day couldn't stop telling Hayden how beautiful she looked. In fact, when we walked into church - we always have to meet Matt at church since he is at meetings all morning - he got all teary eyed because she looked so beatufiul.

Abbie's Christmas/ Valentine's dress. Actually, a friend gave it to us as a baby gift. It's beauitful!

The attempted kid picture.

Abbie on Valentine's Day. My sister-in-law Jen gave Abbie this adorable dress/top. She looked so cute in it!

Her smiles get me all teary-eyed - everytime!! She has just started to laugh as well. These are the precious moments of life!

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Team Lawter said...

LOVE the picture of Carter + Abbie. He looks like such a big brother in all the pictures; so responsible and old ;) It's hard to believe!!