Friday, February 3, 2012

December Catch-Up

Abbie looking so precious at about 2 weeks.

This was our first night out. Matt had a surgery center Holiday party he needed to go to, so we thought we'd tag along. It was at a restaurant I really wanted to check out. It was great to get out and Abbie slept the entire time in her car seat. She is two weeks in this picture.

A medical supply rep that Matt works with and friends with gave Abbie this beautiful dress that she looks so cute in!!

I know I blogged about my parents coming out, but I don't think this picture was included in that post.

Love that hand on her cheek.

I remember Hayden having a picture very similar to this. She was in the swing and Carter put cars all around her. Wouldn't want the baby to get bored, now would we!

Who doesn't just melt at the site of a kid in a cowboy hat?!?

This should have gone in my November post, but here is Carter's November artwork. Great job, C Man.

Santa's little helper.

Both kids got a picture to paint in their stocking. Hayden decided not only to paint her picture, but herself as well.

It's a blurry picture, but you get the idea.


Scott, Kara, Paul, Brad and Andee said...

Your kids are too cute! You look awesome too!

McAffee said...

Oh my goodness that sweet baby is the SPITTING image of her big brother! Love love loved seeing all these pics. Glad you survived the chaos!