Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Whitney's Wedding Shower

Call me crazy, I did a couple times, or call me a busy body but in the midst of giving birth to a baby, celebrating the birth of my two older children and Chirstmas I also threw my beautiful Sister-in-law a wedding shower.

I am not a creative type. I am not a make things look pretty type. I am a practical type A personality who does like things to be organized - though you can't always tell that by the state of my house. So I spent a lot of time on how I could make this Wedding Shower Brunch on New Years Eve run smoothly and still look nice - not so plain jane which is my normal route (my practical part coming out). My sweet friend Heidi threw me an incredibly beautiful baby shower and though I knew I could never do anything on that level I wanted to try my best.

Because of our high guest count, we could not do this at someone's house so we had it in a church gym. We sent out around 100 invites and had 55+ people in attendance.

I am so disappointed I didn't get a total finished look with the water pitchers which had lemon and limes in them, but this is how our tables turned out. I wanted a very fresh and organic look. Since it was in the morning I wanted a bright, happy look. I was pretty pleased at how it turned out and was impressed with myself - this was totally out of my comfort zone and my natural abilities.

Centerpiece for food table.

Our food: french toast bake, sausage soufle, muffins, fresh fruit with dip.

The lovebirds!

Our guests.

I absolutely adore both Whitney and Ryan. They had to wait a long time for all of this to come about. Whitney waited for Ryan while he served his two year mission. They had a lot of people doubt them and a lot of negativity about their relationship, but I always hoped that Whitney would make it through. I could tell from the first time that I met Ryan (he drove 2 hrs to go to a Pumpkin Patch with Bonnie, Carter and I and Whit wasn't even there) that he was a GOOD GOOD guy and would make a great partner and father someday. Plus, he is one cute fella. So even though the timing wasn't ideal, I was so glad that I was able to give them this gift, which they were so sweet and appreciative of, and that I was able to help celebrate that they made it and will make it for the rest of eternity!

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Whit said...

Amb, this post was so sweet. Made me tear up! You have always been a faithful supporter of Team Lawter and we couldn't have made it here without you. We love you and thank you again X 1,000,000!!!!!