Friday, February 3, 2012

November 2011 catch-up

With the start of a new year I am feeling a big need to get caught up on at least last years blogging. Really I need to get caught up all together for the sake of my journaling. So here goes what got left behind in November! November was a busy month. I was on bed rest. Off of bed rest trying to crazily get things done to be ready for the baby. And then Abigail was born!

Hayden loves to push her babies around in this $1 grocery cart I found at a garage sale. GREAT BUY!! She pushes it around with her purse and her keys and anyone she passes on her way she yells, "Night, Night. Bye, Bye." And you MUST answer her back or else she will get very upset.

Below are some videos of her playing:

My DEAR, SWEET friend Heidi threw me the most spectacular baby shower with the theme being Colonial for Abigail Adams. Her house is so gorgeous!!

Her display she did of me.

Carter loves to play with his chunky cousin Elway.

Abigail just "home" from the hospital. We actually went straight to my in-laws since it was Thanksgiving. Grandma Bonnie is holding her. Note to anyone who may be reading. When you are released from the hospital after having a baby, just go home, no matter how good you think you may be feeling. Just go home!!! And tell your husband that you just had a baby and HE needs to take care of the other kids!!

Abbie with her Thanksgiving bow right before we left the hospital. She looks so peaceful!

Carter and his dragon Legos. He is obsessed with his IPAD game Dragonvale and while at Grandma's for Thanksgiving he created just about every dragon with legos.

Thanksgiving Dinner. Matt sporting his handle bars for Mustaches Need Love and Appreciation Week.

The kids cuddled together to watch a movie in Grandma's room.

Abbie about to have her first bath at home.

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Dan and Jen said...

I'm still kind of jealous of that cute baby shower. And the jealousy is two-fold. 1- because I would love to have had a shower like that and 2- I would LOVE to be able to throw a shower like that. I have to say, I was super impressed that you even went to Thanksgiving. You are a good sport and tough mama. Love all the pictures and updates. And love all of you!