Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Jumping back to January

Over the Christmas break, Whitney perfected this position that put Abbie into a peaceful trance. I tried to do it myself but was unsuccessful. Perhaps I need a little more cushion in the chest area.
Bonnie brought this outfit home from San Francisco - Precious!
In January, Hayden finally convinced me to try and potty train her since she was relentless in asking to go potty. I was not ready since I just had a baby, but I decided to give in. I guess she wasn't quite ready either. She has all the desire in the world, but cognitively she just wasn't connecting the dots that when she felt like she needed to go to tell me that she needed to go so we could get her on the toilet. We gave it a solid 3 days and after talking to her Dr at Abbie's wellness checkup, we decided to give it a break for a couple months. He thought that Abbie was too young and new to introduce something so big to Hayden and that he also recommends the average age for potty training is 2 1/2 years. So we are waiting. She is now starting to push for it again (it's march 20th) so we might try again soon. Anyway, the picture above was taken on her first day of trying. I thought for the first bit when usually the most accidents happen, we would paint in the bath tub where there would be little clean up needed for an accident.
She thoroughly enjoyed painting with the shaving cream/ food coloring mixture. And it was great for me because as soon as she was done, I just had to rinse it off.
Abbie at about 2 months.
Carter's December art work and our Christmas cards.
Our cute new family.
This was Abbie's first day in the Bumbo. She thought it was pretty great!!

Video of Hayden painting:

Video of Abigail when she first started to talk and smile:

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