Thursday, March 1, 2012

Watch Out World, Carter is now an Orange Belt!

You may want to think twice before you mess with this little boy:

As of last night he is now an Orange Belt!!
Carter testing with other "tiny tigers"
Carter has been taking Karate for about 4 weeks now and has picked up really fast on it. His instructors were impressed with him enough that they invited him to test to become an orange belt. They said they couldn't believe how fast he was picking up on things and were very excited to have him test so quickly.

Here is a video of Carter testing:

Here is Carter with Dad who will be presenting him with his orange belt.
Group hug with Mrs. Hanlin their tiny tigers instructor.
Carter was SOOO excited to become an orange belt!!
This is his tough guy face that he is supposed to have as he does his form.
About two weeks earlier, Carter earned his white belt - your first belt you get in Karate.
At the beginning of class, they do many exercises including push ups - which I think is adorable to watch. Carter's form gets better and better. He is at the end of the first row.
Practicing his form.
Karate is very time intensive, but I think Carter has found his niche. He loves it and is always excited to go. With other activities we've tried he has burnt out rather quickly. He is determined to go all the way to a black belt which he says he will get by the time he is 16. I love the discipline and the respect it teaches. Plus he has a check list that he has to mark off everyday to make sure he is putting forth a "black belt" effort at home. What mom wouldn't love that!!

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That's awesome! Great stuff.