Friday, March 2, 2012

Weekend Warriors

This last weekend we had a lot on our plates. Friday I started painting Abbie's room. It was quite an undertaking with 3 small children demanding attention and one little girl who kept trying to sneak the paint brushes and paint. Oh that Hayden!! On Saturday things went much better with both Matt and I at work.
After much browsing on the internet, asking friend's opinions, and lots of time on pinterest I decided I needed to stay true to us and go with a simple yet very sweet and delicate pink and white stripe.
Since it was Abbie's room we were painting I decided she needed to get to work, too. I know I have said this a million times, but I LOVE MY moby!!!

The just about finished product. We still have to get furniture in and touch up a few spots. So glad to have most of it done. I am NOT a fan of painting!!
We did two walls in the stripe and one wall solid.
In addition, Saturday night we had a dinner for all the doctors on staff at our near by hospital. We've nicknamed it "Dr. Prom." Thanks to my sweet friend and visiting teacher Sandy for doing my hair and makeup.
I really didn't know what to do for a dress, but luckily Shabby Apple had a few great choices. I LOVE that website!!
This was our first night leaving all 3 kids with a babysitter other than family. I knew that we left them in capable hands so I wasn't worried. When we got home I got to see these beautiful sleeiping faces.
There are a couple funny things here: Hayden has about 3 binkies with her - she's obsessed. Abbie and Hayden both have their arm(s) out to the same side. And when I got home I couldn't find Abbie for a couple minutes and got really freaked out. We were painting in her room and her pack n play was in there but it was a total mess and had no door on the room. I first checked there. I had laid a blanket on my bed and thought that they had maybe placed her on my bed to sleep. Nope not in there. Where could she be? My heart started beating fast...I went in to check on Hayden and... duh! of course she was there in the baby crib. Hayden had moved to the toddler bed a couple weeks ago and we just left the crib in her room since Abbie's room wasn't ready yet. So there were my two girls sleeping peacefully in the same room together. Ahhhh! Then at 4:30 am Hayden woke us up because we had forgotten to tell the babysitter that Hayden now MUST have her pink and brown blanket (no wonder she had to read Hayden "like 100 books" according to Carter before she fell asleep). So Matt went hunting at 4:30am for about 30 minutes for a stinkin blanket. He searched and searched until finally he said a quick prayer and found it about 30 seconds later. Why do we wait so long before we turn to God?

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