Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Perfect Sunday Afternoon

We are LOVING having 9:00 church these days!! It allows for Sunday afternoons like this. We got home, had lunch, Hayden took a little nap, Matt went home teaching, then we spent almost 2 hours at a local state park and still was able to go to a family dinner at Jay and Bonnie's. AWESOME!!
Here's our crew.
Carter is now very skilled on his two wheels so we started our afternoon off by riding on a trail around this lake.

Then we skipped rocks - a favorite pass time of ours.

We got a GREAT surprise when Dad found a tiny frog and caught it for the kids to look at and hold. Carter loved holding it. Hayden was all about acting brave and wanting to hold it until Matt would go to put it in her hand and then she would quickly change her mind - see video below.
And what would be a nature outing with out some play time with sticks.
Hayden got in on the stick fun as well.

Here is the video with the frog:

It's relaxing quality times like this that make having a family the best choice ever. Family life can be oh so challenging and to the onlooker we probably look like we made the craziest choice ever to have kids, but these good moments and having an eternal perspective on it all, makes all the challenges worth it!!

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Whit said...

Looks like total bliss. That is a pretty cute video!! Their little laughs are adorable.