Thursday, October 6, 2011

August Catch-Up

Carter skied again.

We had the luck of going to this awesome gym for a birthday party. It was so fun! And Hayden looked adorable eating her cupcake, well adorable to some and ridiculous to others like our buddy sitting next to her.

Hayden is obsessed with baby car seats these days. Just go ahead and help yourself there Hayden.

The most exciting thing to happen to us in August was the addition of cousin Ellway.

He is so fun to have around and is turning into quite the chunker!

The most frustrating thing to happen in August has to do with Direct TV. Matt finally has gotten the big screen he's been dreaming of and with that we called Direct TV to upgrade to HDTV. Well, they had to put on a new satellite and the tech guy drilled right through our wires. So we had to have a bunch of people come in to fix the problem and when all was said and done in order to be up to code, these ugly plates you see have to be a permanent fixture to our home. SO FRUSTRATING!!

So in order to cover them up we had to buy this clock. I like it there and it helps to balance out the enormous tv on the other side of the mantel that I wasn't too excited about. Direct TV says they are going to pay for all this so hopefully they follow through on their end. Still waiting to see the $$.

Hayden loves her some broccoli!!

She is also very much into shoes, especially her play shoes:

Hayden is so cute when she does peek-a-boo and I wanted to get it on camera. But as soon as the camera is turned on she won't do anything I want her to do.

The next two videos give you a taste of what it's like to live in our home:

Hayden doing Wheels on the Bus:

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Scott, Kara, Paul, Brad and Andee said...

Haha, those videos are too cute! I love Haydens cupcake face and the look the girl sitting next to her has!