Sunday, October 2, 2011

Finishing up July

Yes, we are at the beginning of October and once again (if not always) I am a few months behind. So I am going to try to play catch-up here for a bit and include the pictures I've missed.

Around here, summer is pretty much all about water play. If you are outside you have to be in water or else you'll never make it. So above Carter is at some really fun fountains that blow up really high that the kids can run around in.

We spent more time out on the boat.

I am still playing with Hayden's hair and seeing what we can do with it. I go through stretches where I get really creative and then times like this week where her hair is exactly the same every day, a little bit pulled back with a bow. Thank heavens she has little curls to her hair that makes it look cute no matter what I do.

She loves to look at herself in the mirror and be told she's cute.

One day Hayden and Carter were being really cute together and Carter pulled her up on his lap and said, "Mom, take our picture." I was more than happy to oblige.

Hayden loves to watch Baby Signing Time. Here she is sitting up at the counter watching while I made dinner. This face is during the time where they talk about getting hurt and singing the song about bad days.

The whole time she was watching I just couldn't get over her cute facial expressions and how sweet she looked.

Carter once again got his hands on my camera.

Towards the end of July we went bowling for playgroup. We had a great time. For some reason every picture I took was blurry so this is the best one I could come up with.

I know I posted these on facebook, but I don't believe they ever made it to the blog. This was during Hayden's reign of terror. She earned the nick name Curious George because she got into EVERYTHING. And it wasn't out of mischief it was purely curiosity.

Anyway, I went up this particular morning to take a shower. I left a full box of cereal and crackers on the counter. When I came down, this mess is what I found. I had no idea she could climb up the bar stools.
This girl can be CRAZY!! Luckily, her disastrous behavior has slowed down, but I am just waiting for her to grow another couple inches and for her to figure out she can reach a whole new level of things.

This is Hayden's way of slip n' sliding. Usually, she does the worm all the way down. And yes she's in her t shirt. She had just woken up from her nap and I knew we weren't going to be out too much longer, but there is nothing that can come in between her and slip n' sliding - she LOVES IT!!

Now it's Carter's turn:

Our neighborhood Rock N Roll band. These cute kids live just a couple doors down.


Kira said...

Carter is sooooo DARK!!!!

Is it bad that I'm totally jealous of his tan?

Scott, Kara, Paul, Brad and Andee said...

Looks like an awesome July! Your kids are so cute, can't wait for the new little one!