Monday, October 17, 2011

Matt's Half Marathon

October 15th, 2011

Right before the race started

This past Saturday, Matt ran a half marathon. He has a goal of running another marathon, but he knows right now it is just not the time (aka there's not time to train). But he was able to somewhat train for this half - though he really didn't do any steady training. He was really nervous because a couple weeks before the half he started having some BAD knee problems. He talked to some of his orthopedic friends and we said lots of prayers and his knee did amazingly well for his race.
Matt's Mom and Dad were sweet enough to come out and help the kids and I support Matt while he ran. Hayden was all about cuddling up to Grandpa and it was really sweet.

We were able to cheer Matt on at about mile 8 and he was looking really good:

This was right before Matt crossed the finish line. He started cramping up pretty bad and I felt for him! His face says it all. But as soon as he crossed the line, he just seemed happy and good to go. But that's Matt for ya.


Kira said...

Congrats Matt!!!!! AWESOME job!!!!

Lowdogg said...

Nice work. That face is classic Matt.

Becky T said...

Way to go Matt! That last picture of him makes me really scared for mine next weekend. :)