Friday, January 6, 2012

Carter Learned How to Ride His Bike!!

Today was a GREAT day! Carter learned how to ride his bike and he and I are so proud him!!

December 31st (another great weather day) he decided he was done having training wheels on his bike and worked on riding on just two wheels for a bit with Dad.

Yesterday, he practiced on a neighbor's Strider bike (the little bikes with no pedals) and then today he decided he was ready. We had more beautiful weather and so we went out and on his 2nd try I just let go and didn't tell him and he was totally fine. After that he had the confidence he needed and was cruising up and down the street.

Then when both the girls were down napping, we both got on our bikes and rode up and down together. Today was an awesome day to be Carter's Mom! Being part of this huge milestone for him is such a high for me. I love to see the accomplishment on his face and to be there to share in his excitement - so SUPER AWESOME!!

The first video below is the first day they took off his training wheels & the 2nd video is from today:

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Whit said...

GOOOO Carter!!! We are so impressed he learned so fast. That is awesome! Can't wait to move home and go biking with him!!