Thursday, January 5, 2012

Carter's 2011 Preschool Christmas Program

December 19th

This was an emotional Christmas program for me. I think a lot of it was that it was Carter's last one in preschool. How is my boy growing up so fast?!?

But also, the spirit was there so strong with all of these little spirits together singing praises to the Christ child. The program started out with one of their Pastor's saying a prayer (Carter goes to a Baptist preschool). The prayer was so sweet and so special, I got teary-eyed right away! Then the precession started with all the children in their nativity costums and they were so reverent and so beautiful. You could not help but feel the Spirit of Christ's birth.

We had angels, wise-men, shephards (that was Carter) and the adorable little animals.

This isn't the best picture, but it gives you a better idea of this church's beautiful sanctuary.

Carter in his moment of goofing off.

My Shephard Boy

What a handsome newly 5 yr old!

Here is a video of the kids' favorite song. Carter had been singing it around the house for weeks:

Of all the things that I did this past Holiday season, I think this was my favorite. It got me more in the Christmas spirit than anything else I did. Children truly are God's special gift!

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Scott, Kara, Paul, Brad and Andee said...

That's the cutest Shepard I've ever seen! What a beautiful church! For sure a great way to get into the Christmas spirit.