Sunday, January 22, 2012

Christmas 2011

Now that we live by family here in the Midwest, we are blessed to be able to spend Holidays with them. We started off our celebrations on Christmas Eve afternoon.

This is Abbie's soon to be Uncle Ryan holding her while she sleeps. Ryan and Whitney are getting married March 9th! WAHOO!!

After eating our traditional Chinese food and reading the Christmas story together as a family (and taking family pictures) we opened the traditional Christmas presents such as family exchange gifts and pajamas.

Christmas morning I totally forgot to take pictures of the kids opening their gifts, I only took video, so I was glad I got some shots on Christmas Eve. Plus, this gift I think may have been the favorite of all. Susan knowing how obessed he is with two things - dragons and legos - she found him a lego dragon. PERFECT!! And she also got a super cool book on dragons - she knows how to get to a kids heart!!

The grandkids all in their PJ's from Grandma and Grandpa!

Our tree Christmas night after Santa came and put them all there.

The kids were all snug in their beds.

Abbie in her Christmas dress a friend bought for her. She looked so precious!!

This was Hayden's gift from Grandma - dress ups. Hayden was dressed to the nines!

We played a lot of Wii - mostly Dance Revolution 3 that Grandma and Grandpa got for the family. Here they are on Grandkid duty so the rest of us could get our dance on.

Abbie passed out.

Carter with his Christmas haul. It was very much a Star Wars themed Christmas.

Hayden got a Kitchen with lots of kitchen stuff, dress ups, a water baby and the most important thing...

KEYS!!! This girl is obsessed with her keys. Bonnie had wisely observed Hayden's obsession with a set of spare keys to our Pathfinder. I wasn't a huge fan of her playing with them, but there was no way to keep her from them. So Bonnie had a great idea of getting her, her own set of "real" keys and they are so cute and colorful!!

Some of Abbie's Christmas items.

Carter quickly went to work on his Dragon Lego. He was determined to get it done all on his own. So my 5 year old followed the instructions and built his own dragon that was made for 7 yr olds and up.

He was very proud of himself! This picture was taken just a few minutes after he finished it and almost immediately after the picture, he dropped it and pieces went everywhere. He was crushed! Poor guy!!

Below are a bunch of videos that I took over the Christmas Holiday:

I grew up where it was tradition for Santa to leave your stocking at the foot of your bed so that if you woke up in the middle of the night, you could see if Santa had come yet and what he left in your stocking.

Here's a video of the kids coming down to see if Santa came:

I know you can't see this video very well, but just for preserving memories I needed to include it. The kids were OBSESSED with dancing to "This is Halloween"! My kids still ask to watch the full length version of that song they have on youtube.

The best part of Just Dance is watching the grown guys doing it!! I'm so disappointed that I didn't get them dancing to Robin Sparkles "Let's go to the Mall" - CLASSIC!!


Becky T said...

How fun to live by family for the holidays. I am jealous! And I am also so happy to hear about Whitney! That's SO exciting! Looks like you guys had a wonderful Christmas! ps--I sure hope that was Hy Vee Chinese you guys were eating... :) Miss you!

Scott, Kara, Paul, Brad and Andee said...

Such cute kids! Love how excited they got!