Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Santa Clause and My Parents Came to Town

Here's my attempt at getting caught up on my blog. The first weekend in December my parent's came into town to meet little Abigail. While they were here we thought we ought to go to down town and do some of the Christmas activities they have down there.

Our first stop was to see Santa's helper. I didn't want Carter to get confused by all the different looking Santa Clause's out there so we told him that they were Santa's helpers.

Here's the whole bunch of us. I find Hayden's face pretty funny here since she and Abbie are making almost the exact same expression. I was just shocked that Hayden would sit on his lap at all!! We saw another Santa the following weekend and she wouldn't even get close to him.

This place where we saw Santa was called Santa's Toyshop and it had lots of fun play areas.

Then we went over to the train restaurant that Dad took us to about a year and a half ago. Train's come and deliver your food to you at your table. Hayden was at the perfect age to think this was absolutely magical.

Then at another place near by, they have an excellent display of model trains. But wouldn't it be our luck that they were already closed by the time we got there. Oh well.

While my parents were here, my Mom helped me with my sister-in-laws wedding shower plans and my Dad was Mr. Fix-it man around the house. It was awesome!!

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