Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Carter's Birthday Day

I love when my kids have a Birthday. It is a lot of pressure on a Mom to make it a special day, but I also love a good challenge.  I may not have some of the artistic talent as some of my friends and I certainly am not extravagant - but I do try to just do things so that they know their Dad and Mom love them and want them to feel as special as they are to us. Carter's doorway as is tradition was completely barricaded off with streamers so he had to run through it and break it down to get out. Then we had a banner that he would see right when he came down the stairs and more streamers and another banner in the main living area.

 Even our Elf on the Shelf Belle wanted to get involved.  She gave Carter some candy. Watch video here.

 Hayden and Carter on his Birthday Morning.

 Carter with his presents.

 Carter looking at his Lego sticker book.

 I guess we get two pictures with him and his presents.

 Carter with his loot from Mom and Dad: Lego Batman sticker book, Bakugan Wii game, Despicable Me, Pokemon, and snow boots. Grandma Karen and Grandpa Craig game him money that we put in his savings account and a shark book.  (sorry the video was taped kind of funky.)

 After we got all ready for school, he let me snap a few pics of my now 6 year old boy.  He is looking so grown up and as handsome as ever.  What a guy he is!!

 That day I told him I was going to meet him for lunch and bring it for him.  I wrapped every item in there. I was pretty excited about it.

 It was a big hit and got quite the attention from all the kids around him. Grandma Bonnie, Hayden and Abigail all joined us for his Birthday Lunch as well.  He was very excited about it and told his teacher all morning how all his girls were going to visit him for lunch.

 His Happy Birthday hat from school.

 That night he requested his Birthday dinner at Cicis pizza - I think it was a little bit for the pizza and a lot bit for the arcades afterwards.

 Abbie was loving the pizza and bread sticks and was also loving peekaboo!

 We had a pretty serious game of air hockey going on.

 And before we could end the night we made a quick stop over to see Grandma Bonnie and Grandpa Jay who were watching Dade and Elway so Kurt and Meagan could go out for Meagan's Birthday.

Grandma nailed it with a big Ningajo Lego pen, EX Pokemon, and a big binder to put all his Pokemon in (as if they were baseball cards).  It was so funny to hear how excited he was over a binder - "It's a binder!!" He yelled out as soon as he saw the sheets to organize his cards with.  He came straight home and got to work. I'd say it was a pretty successful day and he loved it all!!

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Becky T said...

Oh goodness...6 years! I still remember your phone call and pictures like they were yesterday. It's hard to believe how fast time flies! I'm so glad I checked your blog tonight (it seems I rarely get a minute to do anything like this anymore!) because I got to read all about Carter's big day. I had many of the same feelings recently as Tyler celebrated his 8th birthday. 8 years old! Our boys are getting big! But it is a joy to watch them grow, isn't it? Carter is lucky to have you as his mama! Miss you guys!