Saturday, December 22, 2012

My Hayden Princess turns 3!!

 Our precious Hayden came to us 3 years ago from today.  She didn't have the easiest beginning.  She had to go to the ICU 3 times in her first year of life and she almost left this world twice.  We feel like she is our ultimate blessing to have her still with us.

 This was right after we got to bring her home from the hospital for the first time.  What a proud big brother Carter was. 
One Year Old
 Hayden was our easiest, sweetest, most mellow baby we could have ever dreamed of.  She only cried a little when we was hungry or tired.  She was just happy to be around and be a part of our lives.  And her beauty constantly did and still does take our breath away.

2 Years Old

 Then around 15 months when she began to walk that all changed.  She has now become our true Princess for the good and the bad.  She is still so sweet and loving, but now just has quite the mix of sass that goes along with that.  At 2 Hayden had the nickname of Curious George because she was INTO EVERYTHING!!! Permanent marker all over my hard wood floors, crayon on the walls, make up all over the carpet, etc.  At 2 another dominant trait was her love for babies, purses and keys.  Her favorite game to play was Hello and Good bye. 

3 years old
 As you can see Hayden's beauty just continues to grow.  Her hair has gotten so long. When it is not curled it is just below the middle of her back.  To me, she has stunning features.  Hayden has grown even more into our full fledged Princess of the family.  She loves all things frilly - dresses, skirts, make up, shoes, princess toys, and the list goes on.  She loves to look pretty and tell others that they look pretty.  She makes life so fun with her full of life personality. She too like her big brother and little sister has a strong, determined head on her shoulders (I am pretty sure at this point that Matt and I only know how to make strong-willed children). Within this last week, she has become totally 3 and is pushing every boundary she can find, but she is good to not push too far (unlike her brother who will push until he falls off a cliff - we love you Carter).  I love this beautiful little sassy frass that has blessed our lives every way possible. 

You will always be so precious to me, your Daddy, your siblings and especially your Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ my little Hayden!!  Hugs and Kisses!!

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Scott, Kara, Paul, Brad and Andee said...

Such a beauty! I can relate to the strong willed!