Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My Carter Boy is 6 YEARS OLD!!

 Can this truly be happening?!? Has it truly been 6 years since this boy came into our lives and turned Matt and I into delighted parents?!? WOW!! And how I love this boy of mine!!

 Matt and I wanted a little boy so badly for our first child.  I was almost afraid to verbalize how badly I wanted a boy in fear that I would jinx myself. From the time you were in the womb Carter I knew exactly the kind of boy you were going to be - it is written down in your journal - and you are 100% what I thought you would be.  From the time you were a baby your spirit seemed to almost want to burst right out of that tiny body of yours.  Your physical frame could hardly hold the personality that makes you you.

1 years old
You have always kept us on our toes and we have always had to run to keep up with you.

2 years old
 You keep us laughing and second guessing ourselves constantly.
3 years old
 And though life hasn't always been easy and we've had to put up with a lot from each other -

4 years old
 we keep loving you more and more!!!

5 years old

5 years old
 You have come so far since last year's birthday when after opening your presents you pouted because we gave you clothes and you wanted more gifts.

6 years old 

This year you have been nothing but sweet and grateful.  You were so excited about all the decorations and so appreciative of every gift - even snow boots.  How quickly you are growing physically, spiritually and emotionally.  I feel like the greatest gift given to me is that I get to be your mom and see your growth. You amaze and impress me with how smart you are, how kind you can be to your sisters and classmates, and how much you express your love to your Dad and me.  We love you with all our hearts and are so extremely grateful to be with you year after year.

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